doloresrose570Thank you for visiting the humble beginnings of our New Website. Not since now has the store been accessible through the internet which means Great News for YOU! So many wonderful things will be available through our site starting with books of all kinds, many of them out of print and unavailable anywhere else. For a long while now we’ve been a little known bookstore serving and building community in the Northwest since 1976 selling books and all natural, hand crafted products, some of which are made local by artisans you may already know. We are very happy that you’re here, please look through everything we have up so far and come back often as there are always new and exciting items being added every day. For the full experience of everything we offer come on into the bookstore where you are always welcomed!

“Stopping by the RSBS&CS is one of those pleasures left in life of finding a small, out of the way book and toy store. Many of the books and toys gathered here are one of a kind and unique. It is a special place where you can browse for Anthroposophical works. In today’s fast-paced world, we can forget the uniqueness and beauty of just browsing in a book store and finding something out of the ordinary.”

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