Guanacaste Waldorf School

Thank you so much for viewing all of our hand made products here from the Guanacaste Waldorf school. Your purchase of any of our crafts will help tremendously towards affordable education for our children in Costa Rica.

About our school:

Guanacaste Waldorf School is a bilingual Rudolph Steiner inspired early and grade education school in a natural and nurturing setting in Costa Rica.

Our Goals are to:

  • Provide an Amazing Education & Life Experience for Each & Every One of Our Kids;
  • Have a Natural, Beautiful, Safe Campus Filled with Great Areas to Play & Learn (Someday to Include a Library / Arts Center / Covered Gymnasium / Housing);
  • Employ Long-Term, Satisfied Teachers and Staff, Happy with Life in Costa Rica;
  • Breakeven Financially with Office Help and High Pay for Teachers & All Staff;
  • Keep it Affordable and Accessible for Local Families
  • Create a Thriving Scholarship Program for Families in Need; and
  • Have a Peaceful, Loving, Open, Giving, Honest, Moral, Well-Rounded, Patient, Fun, Happy Community of Parents, Kids, Teachers & Staff.

For more pictures and information please visit our website at:

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Showing 1–20 of 21 results