The Seamstress + Carpenter

Molly Cherney, owner of The Seamstress + Carpenter, is a Waldorf parent, maker and designer.

Molly builds toys which fuel the child’s imagination while also being beautiful to the eye + hand. Specializing in large toys that encourage active indoor play such as play stands, balance boards, building boxes and heavy bean bags, Molly hopes that your children will delight in the same industry and creativity that her children have over the years

When Molly is not making toys, she designs and builds furniture. With a background in architecture and years of sewing experience she brings together wood, iron and cloth to create pieces which are both beautiful to the eye + a comfort to the body.

Each creation that comes out of Molly’s wood shop in Seattle, whether it be a child’s toy or a custom furniture piece, is designed and built with the utmost care and a clear eye for fine, modern design.

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Showing all 6 results