Tiny Seed Apparel

Hi, I’m Elham, owner and founder of Tiny Seed Apparel. I started sewing children’s clothes when I found out I was expecting my daughter. I became completely absorbed in sewing to keep my hands busy and my mind happy when I found out, not too much later, that her father left me and I was going to be a single mom.  I sewed because it gave me a sense of agency – a sense that I could make something amazing out of the chaos of scraps.  Once my daughter was born, in those brief moments while she slept and I still had energy, I began experimenting with different types of garments and found I especially enjoyed making coats and booties. A year later, I started Tiny Seed Apparel as a small home-based business in July of 2015 because I want to create more than clothes. I want to create a new life for both of us. Creating for my child is a joy, and I am beyond thrilled to be able to create garments that other children will enjoy, too!

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