Addiction's Many Faces

Tackling Drug Dependency Amongst Young People - Causes, Effects and Prevention

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Drugs are pervasive – pushed at school, at parties, in the street. Young people have to make choices about drugs as a fact of everyday life. Ideals, protest, demanding school work, the need for emotional intimacy, the natural desire to experiment, wanting to appear cool – all these factors can make drug taking seem attractive. So what are the secrets of helping young people learn about the many faces of addiction? What lessons does addiction have for us? And what about all forms of socially sanctioned addiction such as shopping, sex, fame? In this book, Felicitas Vogt invites the reader to consider: our own addictions and the roots of addiction; why young people turn to drugs; the effects of different drugs; what helps personal growth, health and relationships; and ways in which we can help to prevent addiction. Here are young people and parents who speak powerfully from personal experience. They offer practical insights into prevention, how to cope with family drug problems and treatment options.

ISBN: 978190345801704

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May, 2002