Artistic Feeling and Meditation

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“There slumber in every human being faculties by means of which he can acquire for himself a knowledge of higher worlds…Only one question remains—how to set to work to develop such faculties.”

-Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of Higher Worlds

“It should be remarked that artistic feeling, when coupled with a quiet introspective nature, forms the best preliminary condition for the development of spiritual faculties.”

-Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of Higher Worlds

Meditation can be described in general terms as a way to transform and develop our self. More specifically, meditation can have the purpose, as indicated above by Rudolf Steiner, of developing the inner faculties to perceive and know spiritual realities directly rather than according to belief.

Steiner represents the view that the facts and laws of the spirit can be known as a spiritual science in the way that the facts and laws of the natural world are known by natural science. Both natural science and spiritual science depend on the human being developing the prerequisite faculties and capacities to be a natural scientist and spiritual scientist.

ISBN: 9781935136217

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June 2016