Claire Ange

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For several months since its release, this wonderful title has been a word-of-mouth seller from Cape Cod to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Spirit Star Press is delighted to finally have Claire Ange available here at – A timeless classic, Claire Ange is part fairy tale, part side-splitting comedy, but with a heft and spiritual resonance all neatly tied into an exquisite narrative of which the best fiction is made. – You will be delighted, transported and most of all, simply spellbound by this unusual narrative of a wandering spirit entity whose mysterious curiosity and protective presence over 17-year old, Claire, brings him (and you, the reader) to a startling and breath-taking realization, as Claire is freed from the vexations of an unkind mother to alight upon a path of true fulfillment. By story's end, you will see that Claire Ange is, indeed, …a faery tale like no other.

ISBN: 9780985237905

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October 2, 2012