Earth Science

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Geography and Geology along with Astronomy in the high school years are all covered comprehensively in 200 pages in this remarkable treasure of science curriculum insight! It will help not only high school science teachers but also lower school teachers to comprehend where in child development different aspects of science might belong, how at each age of the development of youngsters different approaches will be more successful, and the relationship between geography geology, and astronomy for the young human being to feel sure and oriented on this beautiful earth of ours. The book is carefully laid out, grade by grade and subject by subject for easy organization and reference. The unique and living way science is approached in high school lights up with each page and each chapter.

Hans-Ulrich Schmutz has developed a comprehensive curriculum for teaching earth science in Waldorf/Steiner high schools which is entirely consistent with the developmental stages of high school students.

His consistent and carefully developed curriculum guides the student from geology through the dynamics of ocean currents and global climatology, crystallography, technology, and economic geography to astronomy and paleontology.

All these subjects are provided with new and interesting point of views, which gradually contribute to a discovery of the living and the connection between earth and the human being.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1:
The Origin of This Project
Chapter 2:
Geology-Ninth Grade
Chapter 3:
The Earth in Motion-Tenth Grade
Chapter 4:
Crystallography-Tenth Grade
Chapter 5:
Earth Science and Surveying-Tenth Grade
Chapter 6:
Aspects of Life Skills, Technology and Economic Geography for Grades 9 and 10
Chapter 7:
Astronomy-Eleventh Grade
Chapter 8:
The Economy of Energy in the Eleventh Grade
Chapter 9:
Paleontology/Anthropology-Twelfth Grade
Chapter 10
Aspects of Global Economy-Grade 12


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ISBN: 9781936367092

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