Gnostic John the Baptizer: Selections from the Mandæan John-Book

Together with studies of John and Christian Origins, the Slovonic Josephus' account of john and Jesus, and John and the Fourth Gospel Proem

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The main materials contained in these pages will certainly be new for the vast majority of readers. Moreover the Mandaean narratives, legends and discourses are not only interesting because of their own distinctive matter and manner, but they are also arresting; for they raise a number of problems, some of which are far-reaching and one is fraught with implications of immense importance. The definite solutions of these problems, however, lie in the future, and the most important of them will perhaps never be reached; for, in the absence of straightforward historical information, general agreement on any subject that concerns Christian origins immediately or even indirectly is now well-nigh a psychological impossibility.

ISBN: 9781564593757

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June 27, 1993