Hebrew Calligraphy

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Hebrew Calligraphy

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This is the first comprehensive guide to the ancient art of Hebrew lettering. The book offers amateurs, artists, & beginners of all ages everything they need to know to make beautiful Hebrew script. You will find: • Tools & materials needed • Different properties of various pens & inks • The theory of angles & proportion • Portfolio of beautifully hand lettered plates to guide you • Suggestions for the choice of a text, script, layout, & deigns Contents: (major headings only) Part I: Preliminaries & preparation 1. What you need 2. Preparing yourself for calligraphy 3. Theory & practice Part II: The plates • Introduction to the plates • The YOD group • The slanted VAV group • The squared off letter or wedge group • The truncated RESH group • The rounded letter group • The anomalous letter group • Additional plates Part III: Developing an illuminated manuscript 1. After the plates 2. The manuscript 3. Illuminating the manuscript Part IV: The art of the Sofer - There are illustrations throughout the book.

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January 1, 1987