The Imagery of the Zodizc

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Most popular astrology simply tries to link personality types to a particular sign of the zodiac. The zodiac, however, is an organic whole that includes twelve individual and intimately connected creatures. Frits Julius shows that, by studying the characteristics of the zodiacal signs, contrasting each with its opposite, we can gain a much greater insight into their true nature. – Julius goes on to show how those characteristics affect human nature, presenting fascinating ideas about the psychology of individuals and social groups. Ultimately, he demonstrates how knowledge of the zodiac can be used to strengthen a human community in a positive way. – Table of Contents: Foreword 1. The Signs of the Zodiac and Human Consciousness 2. The Difference between Humans and Animals 3. The Constellations in the Seasons 4. The Living Images of the Signs of the Zodiac 5. The Zodiac as the Background to Human Life 6. The Zodiac and the Art of Living 7. The Sun's Annual Path and Human Character 8. The Cosmic Order and the Social Order

ISBN: 9780863151774

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November 1994