Throat Defense - Berry Flavor

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Immune strength ....and fresh breath too!

Use once daily for long term immune support;
Use many times daily for quicker action;
Children will love the Berry flavor.

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Our mouth, ear, nose and throat are meant to be the first line of immune defense! They were designed by nature to be a formidable barrier that traps all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other agents trying to enter our bodies. This "trap-and-destroy" barrier can be weakened by stress, use of antibiotics, heavy exercise, advancing age, and other factors.

A healthy protective barrier is particularly vital in those situations when you need to be in crowded places, whether they are at:

  • Work
  • School
  • Sports events
  • Travel

With Throat DefenseTM, you can now support this immune barrier with breakthrough, throat-specific Probiotics and other helpful ingredients like xylitol and trace minerals.

The BLIS K12 Probiotics have a dual function: they discharge bacteria- fighting proteins and also replenish the desirable normal cells in the lining of your mouth, crowding out and making it more difficult for the "outside" invaders to establish themselves.

It turns out the BLIS K12 probiotics also fight the growth of those bacteria that cause malodor, the bad breath that we want to avoid.

Take advantage all year long of these powerful, patented, clinically tested probiotics.

Now you can have it all:

  • a natural throat remedy for quick soothing relief
  • long term immune support and
  • fresh breath, too!

This is truly advanced, natural, oral care.*

This product is well suited for the entire family.  Effective for adults, yet gentle enough for children.

Throat Defense Berry Flavor

Other ingredients: Raspberry fruit powder, Frutafit-Inulin*, Tri Calcium Phosphate, Citric Acid

*Frutafit-inulin is a registered trademark of Imperial-Sensus, LLC

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