A Biodynamic Farm

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A Biodynamic Farm: For Growing Wholesome Food

The inventory of knowledge that is generally warehoused under the classification of biodynamic is rich and timeless, and yet very few farmers have even a nodding acquaintance with the subject. This book performs a rescue operation. A practical, how-to guide to making all of the biodynamic preparations, this book will provide what you need to put these proven techniques to work in your fields. Perhaps the best of the many biodynamic titles currently available. Further explains how to achieve success through CSA-style market garden marketing. A Biodynamic Farm brings the sometimes confusing subject of biodynamics within the grasp of all farmers.

Hugh Lovel is one of the world’s experts on quantum agriculture and biodynamics.

This book is a practical, how-to guide to understanding the definition of biodynamics, and practicing biodynamic techniques on your farm.

You will learn about the role of individual biodynamic preparations, how to make your own biodynamic preparations, and details about the proper application and timing of biodynamic field treatments.

Table of Contents

I. A New Way of Thinking
II. What is Biodynamic Agriculture?
III. The Importance of Levity to Agriculture
IV. Starting From Scratch
V. No-Till Farming Without Chemicals
VI. The Cheapest Fertilizer in Georgia & the Best
VII. The Meanings of Words
VIII. Biodynamic Training
IX. About 500 and 501
X. The Compost Preps
XI. Rounding Out the Picture
XII. Economics and Agriculture
XIII. An Encounter with the Law
XIV. Something to Think About
XV. Community Sponsored Agriculture

Learn more:

Visit www.quantumagriculture.com for information classes, workshops, education, research, newsletters and new book, Biodynamics and Beyond from co-founders Shabari Bird and Hugh Lovel.

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About the Author

Hugh Lovel is one of the world’s leaders in quantum agriculture and biodynamics. He is the author of many articles on radionics, atmospheric reorganization and the biochemical sequencing of the soil. He consults, speaks and teaches on all aspects of agriculture and is an expert on AgPhysics and the use of biodynamic energy patters to affect the atmosphere, weather cycles and soil in order to grow the highest quality food. Lovel built on his formal education to formulate his concepts and developments during more than 30 years of farming first in the mountains of northern Georgia and currently on the tablelands of Tolga, Australia. His farm on 14 acres in Blairsville, Georgia, was literally a gully when he began. The farm was reclaimed through the application of enlivened rock powders, biodynamic treatments, and skillful manipulation of cosmic energies, not to mention a good deal of hard labor.

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