The Eidophone Voice Figures
The Eidophone Voice Figures
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The Eidophone Voice Figures

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The Eidophone Voice Figures: Geometrical & Natural Forms produced by Vibrations of the Human Voice

This is a reproduction of the original book from 1904. Supplemented by an article by Magaret Watts Hughes and a commentary by Sophie Bledsoe Herrick published in Century Magazine No. 42, from 1891.

Margaret Watts-Hughes’ booklet describes how she created an amazing range of cymatic forms 125 years ago. This book is a testimony to her inventive and creative genius.

About the Author

Megan [Margaret] Watts Hughes was a Welsh singer, songwriter, scientist and philanthropist. She was recognized as the first to experiment with and observe the phenomenon of visualizing resonating sound using a device she invented called an “Eidophone“. The device produced geometric patterns from the resonation of her voice. As a result, she referred to images as “Voice-Figures.” Her work eventually resulted in a 1904 book titled The Eidophone; Voice Figures: Geometrical and Natural Forms Produced by Vibrations of the Human Voice, penned by Margaret Watts Hughes. She demonstrated the instrument for the Royal Society.

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