The Norse Stories and Their Significance

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At first sight, Norse stories appear to be a weird and wonderful collection of tales, illogical in sequence and with no coherent theme. Nevertheless, in Norse stories there is great depth of knowledge and, fragmentary they are, they are probably relics of old Mystery wisdom. They present a picture of evolution, of the creation and development of humankind and its connection with higher beings; they show the human being’s struggle with adverse powers, the fading of the old world conception and the birth of the ego which leads to new powers of perception.

In this booklet, one of the keynote experiences of the fourth-grade child is presented in compact but comprehensive form as study material for class teachers and other interested individuals. It provides a means of quickly recalling the adventures of the one-eyed Odin, wise leader of the gods, and his hot-blooded companion, Thor, as they grapple with the ever-unfolding mischief wrought by the cunning and treacherous Loki, leading to the powerful apocalyptic vision of Ragnarok.

The summary accounts of each story are accompanied by Roy Wilkinson's interpretations of the symbolism which bear the mark of his years of work in Anthroposophy and teaching in Steiner schools.

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