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Be a Volunteer - Build Community & Inspire!

Consider volunteering for the first and oldest anthroposophical bookstore in the northwest and for CFAE, the nonprofit that was established back in the early ’80 as a vessel for the founders of the first Waldorf School in Seattle to continue their work in building the anthroposophical community here that is found so vibrant and thriving today.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore & Children’s Shop and CFAE is where it all started and YOU too can be a part of its continued legacy helping build on top of its 40-year foundation. There are so many great projects to help with and below are listed only the most pressingly needed at this time. Other project in the works are:

  • CFAE Magazine
  • Community Center Building
  • Institute for Morally Driven Technology
  • Bio-Dynamic and Social Therapeutic Farm Community

If you wish to be a part of one or all of the above projects, please consider helping out with some or all of the below smaller projects. Any measure of help one can give will be well received and acknowledged with the greatest of gratitude!

The following list of positions are very much needed now. If anyone wishes to volunteer their time, we thank you! Please email:

Frank Dauenhauer at: cfae@outlook.com

Or, come into the store from 11-4:30 M-Sa and we can talk in person.

You can also reach Frank at the store by calling: 206-985-2059 during store hours.


Web Developers

We are actively looking for people who have the skills and a few spare hours to help out with our two websites, the RSBookstore and CFAE. We have so many great projects that are wanting to be completed we just need someone skilled enough to do some light weight codding and configuring of WordPress and 3rd party plugins. There are a number of small projects that can be tackled by one or a number of different people. These projects would center mostly around the CFAE website and include things like:

  • Customizing Plugins
  • Page Design
  • Security – User Rights & Permissions
  • And many other small web type projects

If you have even the slightest desire to help in this area please, please contact us 🙂


There is a great need right now for volunteers that would like to help with the initial inventory of the store. We already have the books inventoried and up on the web but there are so many other items still to be inventoried such as:

  • Georgian Wood Toys (not all are on the site yet)
  • Games
  • Dolls
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Used books
  • and more...

Inventory would include finding the name of the supplier, the item name, description, picture and pretty much all the pertinent information needed to place on the website and our POS system. There is also opportunity for a number of people to do data entry of the items on line too. This could be done at home and at your leisure.

Editors/Content Writers

Soon CFAE will be starting a magazine that will feature Anthroposophically inspired endeavors, locally and abroad. We will need people with a flair for layout and design and writing. Most of the content will be written by the endeavors themselves but there will be various other articles to be written and newsletters that will need to be filled with ideas and content such as:

  • The RSBookstore newsletter
  • The Willow Branch Puppet Theater newsletter
  • CFAE Newsletter
  • Content for both the CFAE and Bookstore Website
  • And of course the featured magazine.


The grounds around the store that were first created by DoloresRose along with the Labyrinth (which you can find on the World Wide Labyrinth website) will always be in need of tender loving care. Dolores was a big proponent of Bio-Dynamics and an avid gardener but the grounds now do need someone with the same passion to keep it in award winning like shape! There will be plenty of opportunity to design new features to the yard such as when we add Flowforms to the grounds next year in 2017 but also ideas in making it more magical for children and parents.

Store Assistant

Many different people will be needed for this position as there are always times that someone will be needed to help customer at the register or fulfill web orders. Anytime you like is a great time to chose to volunteer for this position. It can be once a week or month or anything in between. If you love being around books and toys and people, then this is the dream volunteer position for you!


We would jump for joy and click our heals if only we could find a bookkeeper that could keep our books, not full time though, just only once a week or every other week. If you are a seasoned bookkeeper or are just starting out and would like to volunteer some of your time, please, please call or email.


On the most part purchasing is set up to be semi-automatic, but the store does need someone or a number of people to look for new products to have in the store. People that have a pulse on what is in and new to offer the community that we serve. Anyone with passion for beautiful well-made and natural things would be fantastic! Also with this position one can have the responsibility of ordering the products when quantities gets low.

This position can be broken up among many different people who would like to take on one or more products that they choose and keep up to date.


The Willow Branch Puppet Theater is looking for people that would like to dedicate their selves in taking up the art of Puppetry. Working with all the beautifully made marionettes and backdrops and especially performing for the children is most fulfilling!!

Story Tellers

The Willow Branch Puppet Theater is also looking for story tellers for their various performances which without a story teller they could not perform so, the story teller, as you can imagine, is very, very important! The story teller will need to sing just a wee bit as well, but no worries, they're children 🙂


There is a need for several people to take up the work of curator for the Willow Branch Puppet Theater and the Memorial Reading Library along with the two other proposed Libraries: The lending Library and the Tiny Library. If you find joy in keeping things organizing, this position is a dream come true!!

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