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  1. Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop

    Paula (verified owner)

    Sweet book-exactly what I was looking for! (I like that the package arrives in a compact cardboard wrap-no plastic bubble wrap).

    The Selkie GirlThe Selkie Girl

  2. Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop

    Brenda Polacca (verified owner)

    I found your website mentioned on another website and was very pleased to be able to find Steiner books someplace other than the corporate sites. I attempt to support private companies whenever possible and you did not disappoint! The entire process was efficient and timely. I read this book in the 60’s and totally forgot about it until I saw it mentioned in a Smithsonian article. I have been appalled over the last several years at our dehumanization though internet and social media but the Plandemic has really expanded the ways in which we are losing human contact. Rereading this book at this time has brought all of this into focus for me. Can’t wait to finish reading it.

    Secret BrotherhoodsSecret Brotherhoods

  3. Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop

    Leslie M. (verified owner)

    In the last year of his life, Steiner gave 49 lectures on Karmic Relationships in Dornach. This is one volume of those lectures.

    Karmic Relationships (Vol.3)Karmic Relationships (Vol.3)

  4. Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop

    Leslie M. (verified owner)

    Excellent book, excellent service from Rudolf Steiner Bookstore.

    Karmic Relationships (Vol.4)Karmic Relationships (Vol.4)

  5. Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop

    Leslie M. (verified owner)

    I am reading the Karma lectures with a karmic friend. There are a lot of lectures and it takes time. But time is the Fourth Dimension — we would all do well to come to terms with it. Rudolf Steiner’s Bookstore is a great place to order my Anthroposophic reading. I like to practice some threefold economics by supporting this particular Anthroposophic Endeavor.

    Karmic Relationships (Vol.8)Karmic Relationships (Vol.8)

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