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Rudolf Steiner Bookstore

1st Enviromental Fair 1978
Bite of Seattle, Green Lake 1982
Lake City Fair 1983

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore

At its founding in 1976, the Dr. Rudolf Steiner Books (Bookstore) was the first of its kind in the Seattle area and in the Northwest. Its consistent presence at all the major fairs and festivals including those that were newly establish, such as the Northwest Folklife Festival and the Bite of Seattle, were its only mode of advertising. The traveling bookstore!

Because of the bookstores outreach throughout the whole year, it was able to establish enough interest in Waldorf education to start the first Waldorf School in Seattle, appropriately called the Seattle Waldorf School, which opened its doors in 1980.

Both the founder of the bookstore and the founder of the Waldorf school together started the nonprofit Friends of Anthroposophy (FoA) in 1982. Through this newly formed nonprofit Dr. Rudolf Steiner Books and FoA worked together throughout the ’80 establishing yet another Waldorf school as well as sponsoring speakers, workshops, performances and their own festivals all of which had the bookstore at the center of these activity.

By 1992 the bookstore transitioned into the nonprofit and by 1996 after the passing of its founder the bookstore was relocated to a new place where it was open to the public but only by appointment. 10 years later the bookstore makes a move to Lake City Way and for the first time has a home of its own that is open to the public with regular hours.

The bookstore expands its children section and begins to sell Georgian Wood Toys. For another 10 years the store services the greater Seattle area, the Waldorf schools, its teachers and parents. Not until 2016 does the store finally make its appearance on the internet with all of its book inventory for the first time available to anyone, anywhere.

By 2018 it was time for the bookstore to yet again transform itself and closed its doors by the end of Spring. The store was now full time on line but had also began its InSchool Store Program with its first school to have a small store available to its community at the Eastside Community School where it’s still today along with other schools that have joined the program since it first started.

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