Helping RSBS Grow

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore really has been a labor of love since it’s beginnings in 1976. Likewise the growth of the bookstore has been due to the communities generous reciprocity towards its efforts in providing access to materials and information in conjunction with its many and varied events put on through CFAE over the past 35+ years.

Today this reciprocal support is ever more sought by all who have an organization or business in their care. Building these connections of giving and receiving are now more than ever essential in a time when there is an overabundance of information, products and services, it would seem not much is left to be monetized.

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore has always looked to see how it can freely give and support organizations and groups that serve their respective communities. With great effort and an uncertain future, RSBS’s aims will always be in support of the other as a way forward in growing outward into the world.

Why Give to RSBS

What little the bookstore takes in on a monthly basis is barely if not nearly enough to support itself but with every generous donation made by many of you the bookstore has been able to maintain itself and its effort in supporting others through programs such as:

Your support of the bookstore, however possible for you, creates such a massive momentum in  maintaining and building these efforts so that it can continue to benefit all that we can reach.

Below are a couple ways that you can help.


Donating Books

Donating your Anthroposophic or related books, including children’s books is a fantastic way to support the store and give inexpensive access of these books to the general public. The recycling of books is a great way to keep the flow of information and stories moving through our communities.

Please consider donating in this way, we make it as easy as possible to do so. Find out how you can donate your books today by selecting the “Read More” below.

You can donate your books by sending them to us at the following address:

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore
c/o CFAE
P.O. Box 251
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Note: If you have more than three boxes to send please first email us at the below address.

General Questions

Should you have any questions at all regarding the donation of books to RSBS please email: with subject line: Book Donation

Tax Receipt

We would also be happy to give you a Receipt of Donation for tax purposes if desired. Please indicate this in an emailed to us or as a note in with the books, along with a value and we’ll have this out to you immediately.

Shipping Label

We would be happy to email you a postage paid printout to place on your boxes for shipping through USPS if desired. Should you need or like to have a postage paid printout please email us at: with subject line: Book Donation & Postage

Thank You for support our vision!