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Memberships are offered through CFAE, the Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to educate and innovate new forms of Social, Economic and Scientific Endeavors.

Your purchase of a membership helps us maintain the many avenues in which we reach out and connect with people like yourself as well as helps us continue the support and free services we offer to other organizations and businesses.

Unlike a Donation, which we encourage everyone to continue to do, memberships are an annual commitment and because of this we want to especially show our gratitude by offering a small something in return:

    • Discount on purchases through the Rudolf Steiner Bookstore website
    • Discount for Webinars, Lectures and Workshops offered by CFAE or MysTech
    • Access to all recorded lectures, webinars, podcasts and interviews
    • Access to Journals and Newsletters

There are two memberships available to choose from:

Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop




Dr. Rudolf Steiner Bookstore and Children's Shop




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Thank You for support our vision!