These two buildings are representative of Anthroposophy in form and function. The one on the left, the first Goetheanum was burned down shortly after it's completion and was replace by the second Goetheanum as shown on the right which stand today in Dornach Switzerland.

There is a lot to say about Anthroposophy which is not per se a philosophy but more a way to a knowing of oneself. There is a body of work which Dr. Rudolf Steiner has given with his many thousands of lectures ranging from everything imaginable that stand as a foundation for Anthroposophy but what most importantly Dr. Steiner wanted to impart through Anthroposophy was the knowledge in how each could develop their own capacity to see for themselves what he was imparting to everyone in his lectures. Time and time again Dr. Steiner would encourage his listeners to not take what he imparts to them as fact just because he speaks with authority on such matters but to develop the capacity within oneself to see all these things with ones own inner innate spiritual sight. This, most of all, is what Anthroposophy wants to impart on the world.

More will be written here about Anthroposophy but in the mean time, thanks for your patience! 🙂

Frank Dauenhauer

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