An Evident Need of Our Times

Goals of Education at the Close of the Century

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Karl Ege was one of the last teachers to be appointed by Rudolf Steiner to the original faculty of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany. Many years later he came to reach in America, still wrestling with the comment that Steiner made shortly before his death, namely that to meet the needs of the future, Waldorf education would need to turn its direction (not its method) 180 degrees, away from the academic toward the practical and artistic. Karl Ege’s subsequent work has inspired the founding of farm schools on both U.S. coasts. This collection of essays stresses the need for such a radical change in pedagogy, for the education of the whole person, and for a reconnection with nature and with physical work as an antidote to an increasingly intellectual culture. The content also includes considerations of Problems of Puberty, Community, and A Teacher’s Preparation.

ISBN: 9780932776020

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December 1979