Blackboard Chalk Antidust - Colored

$ 4.95

Cardboard box of 12 chalk sticks
9 Colors: Brown ¦ Carmine Red ¦ Cobalt Blue ¦ Green ¦ Light Blue ¦ Lilac ¦ Orange ¦ Vermilion ¦ Yellow
Diam. approx. 9.5 mm, length: approx. 80 mm (diam. approx. 0.37 inch, length: approx. 3.15 inch)

Made in the Netherlands

In stock

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Writing on the blackboard without chalk dust or chalk fingers. This is possible with this almost completely dust-free. This chalk can also leave a residue on certain blackboard surfaces.

Weight7 oz
Dimensions2.5 x 1 x 3.5 in

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