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The Mysteries of Technology

Help build a future that’s run from out of our Higher Moral-Self

20% of all Membership Fees will go toward a fund supporting research and development (R&D) in Moral Technology*

As an active member in supporting the goals of MysTech, members are also offered the following:

  • 20% Discount* on Science & Technology Lectures and Workshops anywhere in the US
  • 10% Discount* on Science & Technology books
  • Free Shipping
  • Online Resources available only to MysTech Members
  • MysTech Journal*, bi-annual
  • Access to*
  • Mailing of local Events, Working Groups, Study Groups and Books not listed on the internet.

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$ 150.00 / year

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*Lecture Discount

Discounts are only given on Lectures and Workshops hosted by nonprofit organizations that work out of the stream of Anthroposophy.

There are two options on how Members can choose to receive their discount:

  1. Members can receive their discount as a cash back by emailing a copy of their receipt to CFAE or receive it as a discount if the ticket is sold through CFAE’s Community Calendar (coming soon). Or
  2. Members can chose to have CFAE donate their discount to the hosting organizers by indicating this on their emailed receipt or upon the purchase of their ticket through CFAE’s Community Calendar (coming soon). If this option is chosen, CFAE will donate the moneys in the Members name. With this option the member will pay for the full amount and have CFAE donate their 20% to the hosting organization thereby raising additional funds for the event.

*Book Discount

All books under the category of Science & Technology or with the searchable tag of “mystech” will be discounted at checkout. Other books not listed on the website/internet (by request of the Authors) will be available for purchase at the store or through the mail. **It is imperative that new Members have the correct mailing address as this subscription will rely heavily on the mailing of Catalogues and Newsletters.

*MysTech Journal

MysTech – The Journal for the Mysteries of Technology, is the first journal of its kind for the North American audience, that is dedicated to the theme of Moral Technology; what it means and how we go about developing ourselves for this new type of technology now and for the future. The Journal will include articles from diverse points of views from past history, present and future progression of man and technology to the development of ones “self” to the material/mechanical development that ultimately will be animated by the moral forces of our being.

* is a website that will be available as an access for members who wish to read the MysTech Journal online as well as a place for all members to engage with the authors published in the Journal.

*Moral Technology R&D Fund

20% of the members yearly fee will be directed into a FUND that will be dedicated to the support of research and development in spiritual and physical advancements as well as community building and outreach for establishing a School for the Mysteries of Technology.