A Path of Knowledge in Pictures

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35 individual 8 x 11.5 cardstock reproductions

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A Path of Knowledge in Pictures

In A Path of Knowledge in Pictures Gerhard Reisch brought together from his life’s work, 35 pictures which he saw as the essence of his creation. They ought to serve as companion and support for striving human beings in the new millennium. Their archetypal power will be evident to non-judgmental observation. Their reality goes far beyond ‘beauty’ or ‘ugliness’ as experienced on a personal level. The pictures encourage the human soul to bear the unavoidable loneliness of the individual path, a loneliness which, in the future, can grow to a conscious stand in the spirit.

Book is approximately 11.5 x 8 inches.
35 individual reproductions presented in a folder with accompanying German and English verses.

The Pictures:
Cast out of Paradise
The Royal Children
Loneliness of I
The Old Tower
At the Threshold
Two Souls
Light and Darkness
The Sun Eagle
In the Ravine
The Lesser Guardian
Good Thoughtbeings
Bad Thoughtbeings
Lion and Star
The Holy Grail
The Refugee
Christophorus in the Age of the Consciousness Soul
On the Etheric Plane
The Meeting with the Higher Ego
The Ego-ball with the Three Horses
The Keeper of the Watch
The Phoenix
The Purified Sheaths
The Meeting with the Master
Farewell of the Angel
The Student of the Spirit with the Book
The Guardian of the Threshold
At the Helm of the Boat
The Guardian with the Ego-ball, Lucifer and Ahriman
The Initiate between the Wings of the Swan
The Teaching Hour on the Astral Plane
The Soul seeks the Holy Isis
The Path to the Archetype

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  1. Wesley Hallock (verified owner)

    So beautifully does the short prose and simple poetry of “A Path of Knowledge in Pictures” support its 35 accompanying art prints, the whole becomes like an alchemical marriage. Each element refines and clarifies the others, vivid testimony to the existence of a Higher Power at work within and through the artist. We learn in the foreword that an artistic creation was never the intent of artist Gerhard Reisch. Rather, Reisch wished for two things. First, to awaken imagination in the soul of the observer, and second, to establish the reality of a path for the spiritual seeker. And how well did Reisch succeed? For this reviewer, associations born of an innocent stolen peek at Reisch’s art (the purchase was intended as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law!) continue to swell and grow, relentless as a rising loaf of over-leavened bread. Reisch’s images are faithful to my own inner surety, telling me that both of us have known the beings and mind states that his images are intended to evoke. As a stimulus of Imagination and a welcome assurance that there is, indeed, a reliable route back to Source, I heartily recommend “A Path of Knowledge in Pictures.” I would buy it again–this time for myself!

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