A Child’s Seasonal Treasury

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A Child’s Seasonal Treasury

A Child’s Seasonal Treasury was conceived as a Waldorf-inspired resource book for parents and teachers of young children. Throughout the seasons, songs, verses, poems, riddles, fingerplays, games, creative drama and movement, watercolor painting, handcrafts, healthy recipes and gratitude for life that rekindles a sense of wonder are keynotes of this Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book (Nov. 1997, Vol 28, Number 8)

Having been chosen as the first book in the Hearthsong Family Library (1996), Waldorf Education has grown tremendously and with the surge of home schools, charter schools, pre-schools and daycare centers, quality curriculum that is child-centred to help counteract the influences of TV and technology on the very young is imperative.

This newly published edition has been up-dated with more writing and all illustrations by the author, a conversion chart for the recipes to “translate” world-wide, and the promise that at home or at school, this book will bring joy into the process of learning, both for children and for the adults who are involved with them on a daily basis. 

Main Chapters

All Year Round

  • All Year Round Verses & Poems
  • All Year Round Movement & Creative Drama
  • All Year Round Fingerplays & Riddles
  • All Year Round Games
  • All Year Round Art & Handwork
  • All Year Round Watercolor Painting
  • All Year Round Handwork
  • All Year Round Cooking and Baking


  • Autumn Verses and Poems
  • Autumn Movement and Creative Drama
  • Autumn Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Autumn Games
  • Autumn Art and Handwork
  • Autumn Cooking and Baking


  • Winter Verses and Poems
  • Winter Movement and Creative Drama
  • Winter Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Winter Games
  • Winter Art and Handwork
  • Winter Cooking and Baking


  • Spring Verses and Poems
  • Spring Movement and Creative Drama
  • Spring Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Spring Games
  • Spring Art and Handwork
  • Spring Cooking and Baking
  • Summer Verses & Poems
  • Summer Movement & Creative Drama
  • Summer Fingerplays and Riddles
  • Summer Games
  • Summer Art and Handwork
  • Summer Cooking and Baking


  • Recommendations
  • About the author
  • Resources
  • Index of First Lines
  • Subject and Title Index

About the Author

Betty Jones Married to her handsome husband Shep Jones, who’s been her motivator, best friend and lover for 39 years. They have 6 children 21 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and counting. I have written and published one Play for children. Call Lord save my children following many more to come. My first book series Sex Love Money and then God was written from all the life issue that I have experience with my marriage life. Following a form of a novel story of different woman, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends . Somebody has experience these issues in life. The life story that all the families is going throw, I lived it day in my marriage and life each day, month or year my life play out as if it would never end. As a result drama day after day, it was an issue involving the contents of my book Sex Love Money and then God. People as me today why did I mention god last. My answer, when do we ever put God first. Henceforth I am so grateful that God is the center, first and last in my life. Because know when these issue comes about I can handle them a lot more with God. As a result when I begin creative writing of my first book Sex Love Money and then God. In the beginning of my writing I only knew how to write the book and not type. There for it took a long time to type the manuscript out. But my context can from the life experiences of each word. All the while as I write the story of my life into fictional the character voice and names got very strong and intense in the book. Henceforth after writing this book, is a five part series following the issues in our relationships how we should handle them in a Godly matter and not our own.

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