Connecting with Nature
Connecting with Nature
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Connecting with Nature

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Connecting with Nature: Earth and Humanity – What Unites Us?

Earth and humanity are involved in a fragile interplay of physical and spiritual relationships, the full spectrum of which can be discerned only by higher, more refined senses. Based on actual, living discernment rather than dogmatic ideas, Karsten Massei reveals how we can unite with nature, supporting our inner development and everyday lives. We ourselves comprise the path leading to the mysteries of the earth. By delving into nature’s secrets, we are paradoxically returned to our own being—our soul gold, our luminosity, as well as our shadow, or lower nature. Deep encounters with the earth are thus self-encounters.

In a series of concise and accessible chapters, Massei illumines human characteristics—our senses, the quality of our listening, our soul wounds, and the possibility of transformation. Likewise, he lights up the natural world—plants and animals, as well as elemental beings, tree spirits, and Christ, the great being of the earth.

Among a wealth of interrelated themes, the author also portrays death as the doorway to new existence, describing the relationship of the dead with the earth and humanity, speaking movingly of the healing social deed of forgiveness.

Based on first-hand research, this book is filled with reverence for the hidden aspects of life and their significance for personal growth.

About the Author

Karsten Massei was born in 1963 in Berlin. He started out by studying political science and then decided to train in Switzerland as a curative, or therapeutic, educator and is now a class teacher in a curative day school. He also gives courses and seminars on the practice of suprasensory perception and leads tours focusing on the experience and care of the many kinds of landscapes and life spaces of the Earth. In addition, Karsten Massei is active with biography and life counseling and supports therapists with suggestions to improve their work. He currently lives in Zürich.

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