The Dragon, the Blade and the Thread

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The Dragon, the Blade and the Thread: Book Three of the Star Trilogy

Frustrated by the king’s expectation to follow in his footsteps, Prince Corin prefers sewing to sword fighting and finds it tedious to daily tend to the Luck Dragon. To make matters worse, he is annoyed that his cousin Elinor has the eagerness and talent for skills at arms which he lacks. One day, by a stroke of luck, Elinor uncovers a plot to overthrow the crown, led by the commander of the city’s garrison. The Queen, on the other hand, is certain that the greater danger is an enigmatic marketplace magician, whom she suspects is a master of the black arts and the cause of their Luck Dragon’s baffling illness. When their lives and the destiny of the kingdom are at stake, Corin must choose either to trust this mysterious old man or heed the warnings of his parents. He needs to call on all of the Luck Dragon’s deepest teachings if he is to survive and remain true to himself.

About the Author

Donald Samson was raised in Los Angeles but spent the first twelve years of his adult life respectively in a Greek fishing village, a small, lakeside German border town, and finally in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. These years served as a counterbalance to his mega-urban childhood. For the past thirty years he has lived with his family along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Mr. Samson has taught and mentored in Waldorf Schools since 1989. He was a Waldorf class teacher for nineteen years, and his teaching experience spans grades 1-12. In 2013, he began mentoring teachers, working primarily with Colorado Waldorf charter schools.

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