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Gaiasophy: The Wisdom of the Living Earth; An Approach to Ecology Based on Ancient Myth, Spiritual Vision and Scientific Thinking

Zoeteman draws on practical experience married to a study of ancient myths and spiritual traditions regarding the earth’s origins and contemporary spiritual science. He argues that not until we understand the spiritual, as well as the physical, anatomy of the earth as a living being or organism shall we be able to address the vital environmental and social issues posed by the ecological crisis. On the basis of the most varied scientific and spiritual sources, Zoeteman presents an evolutionary cosmology of the living being Earth. He proposes that the earth is truly “alive”: the forests and grasslands as the respiratory system, the waters as the circulatory system, etc.

This is a comprehensive introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, included with the evolutionary cosmology of Earth. Well done tables, charts, graphs, visuals and references. – A most profound message. Especially of interest in Biodynamics.

About the Author

Bastiaan (Kees) Zoeteman (1945) has been professor of Sustainable Development in International Perspective at Tilburg University since 2000 in a chair sponsored by the Triodos Foundation from 2010-2015. He has been working as an emeritus professor for ZoetemanConsulting since July 2015 from where he advises, for example, Telos, Tilburg University, various banks and the OECD, among others. He has a lifetime of experience in environmental and sustainable development research, consultancy and policy. 

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July 1991






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