Light on Life
Light on Life
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Light on Life

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Light on Life: The Golden Blade 2000

What is the meaning of a life? This 52nd edition of The Golden Blade continues the themes of Destiny and Community by bringing narrative, biographical, literary, medical and karmic considerations to shed light on life. Can we discern significant correspondences or even patterns in what might otherwise appear as a random sequence of events? Do we discriminate between the essential and inessential details in our stories? Are we able to recognize the crucial encounters we have? Developing such life skills will help us to realize the intentions we have set ourselves for this incarnation. The contributors to this issue describe their processes and insights in their quests to make sense of life.

About this Publication

The aim of The Golden Blade was to bring the outlook of Anthroposophy to bear on questions and activities of evident relevance to the present, in a way which may have lasting value. It was founded in 1949 by Charles Davy and Arnold Freeman, who were its first editors, and continued every year until 2009.

The title derives from an old Persian legend, according to which King Djemjdid received from his God, Ahura Mazdao, a golden blade with which to fulfil his mission on Earth. It carried the heavenly forces of light into the darkness of earthly substance, thus allowing its transformation. The legend seems to point to the possibility that man, through wise and compassionate work with the Earth, can one day regain on a new level what was lost when the Age of Gold was supplanted by those of Silver, Bronze and Iron. Technology could serve this aim; instead of endangering our planet’s life, it could help to make the Earth a new Sun.

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