Music through the Grades

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2nd Edition: Includes 3 CDs

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Music through the Grades: In the Light of the Developing Child

This is a wonderful new resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers for Classes 1 to 8. Over 200 songs have been hand-picked by Diane Ingraham Barnes, an experienced Waldorf teacher and musician, to guide and inspire teachers in their lesson preparation.

The book is arranged by grade, carefully following the natural development of children at different ages. Within each year, the songs are arranged seasonally, presenting teachers with ideal material for every stage of the school year.

In addition, the book comes with three audio CDs, one each for Classes 1 to 3. They feature fine performances by Diane, often accompanied by flute, percussion or lyre, and will assist teachers who don’t easily read music — as well as providing further inspiration for those who do.

C O N T E N T S:


First Grade
1. A Lovely Rainbow
2. Mill oh Mill upon the Hill
3. Firefly
4. and 13 other songs…
Pentatonic Songs:
18. It’s Raining
19. Little Wind
20. When Mary Goes Walking
21. November
22. and 16 other songs…
Songs for Learning the Pentatonic Flute:
39. The Cuckoo
40. The Turtle Dove at Christmas.
41. Little Bird up in the Tree
42. Come with me
43. Hot Cross Buns
44. Elephant
45. Autumn Leaves (Softly tread…)

Second Grade
1. Shooting Stars
2. Autumn Comes
3. Michael Song
4. Two Eyes to See
5. and 26 other songs…
Third Grade
1. Green Lies the Dancing Water
2. Unconquered Hero of the Skies
3. St. Michael’s Lyre
4. A Boy’s Resolve
5. and 25 other songs…
Four Songs well Suited to Playing on the C flute:
31. Waken Sleeping Butterfly
32. Lightly Row
33. St. Paul’s Steeple
34. White Coral Bells
Two favorite Songs of the Hebrides:
35. The Cockle Gatherer
36. To People Who have Gardens

Fourth Grade
1. Music Everywhere
2. Musical Conversation
3. Good Afternoon
4. October and November
5. and 12 other songs…
Introducing the Round
17. White Sand and Gray Sand
18. Alleluya
19. The Song of Christmas Day
20. List to the Bells
21. and 11 other songs…
Fifth Grade
Iron Rod Activities
1. In Autumn St. Michael
2. Dham Dham Dham
3. Raghupati
4. Hail Light of Lights
5. and 24 other songs…
Sixth Grade
1. Shine Like the Stars
2. The Jolly Ploughboys
3. Prayer
4. Counting Out
5. and 21 other songs…
Seventh and Eighth Grades
1. An die Freude
2. February, Wet or Fine
3. Death and Sleep
4. Fie, Nay, Prithee, John
5. and 10 other songs…
Closing Remarks

List of Recommended Books
About the Author

Diane Ingraham Barnes was born and raised in Yarmouth, Maine. She developed an early interest in music and began studying voice in high school. After graduating from the New England Conservatory of Music, she began her music teaching career in grades 1 through 8 in the Palmer, Massachusetts, public school system. She then traveled across the country, singing in various towns along the way before settling in California. Faced with bringing up her two sons, she discovered Waldorf education and decided to take the Waldorf teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, where that she was introduced to Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström’s “Uncovering the Voice” approach to singing and the modern lyre, as well as a new understanding of music based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, all of which have remained central to her life as a singer and educator. She then became a class teacher and music teacher at the Susquehanna Waldorf School, where she took the lead class from first through sixth grade and taught music in every grade for twelve years. While working as a Waldorf teacher, Diane continued her study of the lyre and of the “Uncovering the Voice” approach to singing and obtained diplomas for Therapeutic Singing from Thomas Adam of the School for Uncovering the Voice, recognized by the Medical Section in Dornach, Switzerland. After teaching music briefly at the Hawthorne Valley School in Upstate New York, she joined the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School in Newtown, Connecticut, where she taught music for fifteen years and then did extra lesson work and therapeutic singing for two years. Diane teaches singing and playing the lyre in the mood of the 5th at the Alkion Center in Hawthorne Valley and recently opened the Uriel Center for Music in the Light of Anthroposophy, through which she offers voice, lyre, and music lessons and classes, therapies, music studies, and workshops for improvisation with the new metal instruments, lyre, and voice at her home in Hillsdale, New York. She also performs concerts when time permits.

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