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Turned Upside Down: A Workbook on Earth Changes and Personal Transformation

“Since February 1998, the Earth has accelerated her cycles of change. We are also urged to accelerate our own processes of change. I try to provide useful insights into the cycles of change and create possibilities for fellow human beings to become creative interactors with the flow of Earth changes.” — Marko Pogačnik

Whether we like it or not, we earthlings are about to enter a dramatic period of change. The physical earth is changing; it is entering a multidimensional form. The purpose of physical earth as we know it was to help us individuate. Now it is time to enter a new series of dimensions.

The earth is about to give in to a new multidimensional consciousness. However, this cannot happen unless we understand that, as human beings, we are being asked to change. We are being asked to let go of our attachments to physical things. We must learn to let go. Resistance and panic will only hinder the inevitable processes of evolutionary transformation.

Marko Pogačnik describes what we can expect and how to prepare ourselves to deal with it. He presents simple exercises and meditations that will not only help us survive and adapt, but will also—and more important—help the Earth herself bring forth her true Self.

The book’s cover image is a “cosmogram” from a sculpture by Marko Pogačnik.

C O N T E N T S:


1. It’s Time to Change: Renew Your Life!
2. The Fundamental Causes Leading to the Catastrophe of September 11
3. After the Catastrophe: Humanity’s New Inner Organization
4. February 2002: The Decisive Somersault in Etheric Space
5. After the Somersault: The Rushing Torrent of the Great Purification
6. The Consciousness of Earth Organizes Anew Its Plane of Feeling
7. The Next Goal of the Processes of Change
8. The Present State of Affairs

Appendix: Overview of the Exercises
1. The Inner Child
2. The Human Holon
3. The Various Extensions of the Human Being
4. The Heart Is the Midpoint
5. The Somersault of Space
6. Clarification and Transformation of Shadow Aspects
7. The Seven Foundation Stones of the New Ethic
8. The Changed Elemental Beings
9. Discovery of the Spiritual-Emotional Plane


About the Author

Marko Pogačnik is UNESCO Artist for Peace 2016 to 2018. He was born in 1944 in Kranj, Slovenia, and trained as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. He works worldwide to promote multidimensional ways to approach the Earth and its beings, developing methods of ecological healing such as “lithopuncture” (Earth acupuncture). His books in English include Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings, Turned Upside Down, Sacred Geography, Touching the Breath of Gaia, and Gaia’s Quantum Leap. Marko is a visiting professor at Columbia University, New York.

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