Christ and the Human Soul

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In these four remarkable lectures, Steiner contends that Christ has been working on the behalf of humankind since the very beginnings of human existence, long before the inception of Christianity. Steiner indicates how—in the ancient mystery schools and in the miraculous events depicted in the Old Testament—the guiding hand of Christ shaped and developed human cognition.

The ultimate divine intervention took place with the incarnation of Christ in human form, which culminated in the Mystery of Golgotha. Through this grand event, the opportunity arose for every soul to develop immortal individuality and “I” awareness. Steiner clarifies the difficult concepts of sin, guilt, and karma and explains the meaning of “forgiveness of sins” and the “resurrection of the body.” Looking forward to future great periods of evolution, he speaks of the separation of humanity into the two races of good and evil and describes how Christ will continue to work in that critical time of human development.

ISBN: 9781855842038

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March 2008