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Cookery Book

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A healthy diet is the start of everything. Healthy diet―what does this mean? A good diet is the basis of health and can help support the recovery process in sicknesses. A healthy diet should be for the whole human being, in body, soul, and spirit. Aroma, appearance, and taste can delight the senses, and sharing a meal with others promotes togetherness and a social impulse. Special occasions show that meals to have a spiritual significance, even if only unconsciously. Grace before meals may also express this. - It is beyond dispute that diet contributes greatly to a positive influence on the evolution of cancer at the physical level. However, no cancer diet will cure the disease, but if certain criteria are considered, food will help the healing process by helping the body cope better with the illness. - It is known that poor diet contributes up to 50 % in all cancers that develop. Frau Silke Helwig, physician at the Lukas Clinic, has written a booklet on healthy eating and this has been published by the Clinic. You will find suggestions for healthy eating; brief discussions of debated topics on healthy diet; and a short questionnaire to assess eating habits. - All recipes in this book are part of the clinic’s menu for patients. Here is a valuable resource, whether one is recovering from an illness or wants to make a health-conscious, preventive diet a part of everyday life.

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