Finding Your Self

Exercises and Suggestions to Support the Inner Life of the Teacher

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Our modern world places many demands on daily work, especially for teachers and parents. This book offers techniques for building concentration, awareness and a centered approach to life and child rearing. Through meditation, using the rhythms of the day, of the week, of the month and of the year, and practice in concentration, you can find practices that enhance the joy and insight in every day life, in teaching and in parenting. The stress brought to bear on ordinary things needs control and consciousness to overcome the tendency to only react and not to act. This little book will give the reader the chance to forge a new way and a new practice towards this important goal. Using modern approaches allows for a little time of quiet producing a great deal of improvement in attentiveness, observation, insight and self control. Here's the book for you!

ISBN: 9781936367436

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October 10, 2013