Lyra Super Ferby – Waldorf Assortment

Unlaquered - 12 colours

length: 175 mm, diam. 10 mm (length: 6.89 inch, diam. 0.39 inch), lead diam. 6.25 mm (0.25 inch)

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$ 28.95

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The colors selected in this pencil set is especially developed for the Waldorf schools. It is 17.5cm in length and has a thick core. Its triangular shape also helps with practicing the tripod grip, which is especially important for children who are still experiencing difficulties holding the pencil properly. The end of the pencil is sealed, the lead, super thick, is 6.25 mm in diameter. They are break resistant and highly pigmented.

Colors Available: Zinc Yellow ¦ Lemon Yellow ¦ Light Orange ¦ Scarlet Lake ¦ Light Carmine ¦ Magenta ¦ Light Blue ¦ Prussian Blue ¦ Sap Green ¦ Apple Green ¦ Vandyke Brown ¦ Venetian Red

Additional information

Weight6 oz

Light Blue, apple green, lemon, light carmine, light orange, magenta, prussian blue, sap green, scarlet lake, vandyke brown, venetian red, zinc yellow