A Message for Humanity
A Message for Humanity
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A Message for Humanity

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A Message for Humanity: The Call of God’s Angels at a Time of Global Crisis

Blessed with a special connection to the angelic hierarchies, K. Martin-Kuri relays this important “message” for humanity at a critical time in our development. She reminds us of the many social crises which have brought us to the edge of the abyss. Now, we must either reach up to a better future or stumble to the depths.

In A Message for Humanity, Martin-Kuri translates into living practices the changes we can make to avoid disaster. She illumines the path of transformation that will allow our guardian angels to work more effectively in our lives and lead to change on a personal and cosmic level.

Every time we think a negative thought or commit an act of jealousy, greed or hatred, we are holding the angels at bay. The angels want to help us, but they are powerless, except in extreme cases, if we do not create an atmosphere of love and kindness in which they can intercede on our behalf. When God gave us free will, he gave us the opportunity to determine our fate. In hearing and acting upon the messages from the angels we can come closer to God.

Martin-Kuri shares with us special techniques for taming our inner dragons and defusing the powerful negative energies of society. She reveals how we can help ourselves and save our planet. Time is running out. The angels of God are calling. Will we hear their message? Will we make the right choice?

About the Author

K. Martin-Kuri was born with the gift of spiritual vision, which she has refined and developed over the years. A painter, writer, medical intuitive, spiritual counselor, educator, and art therapist, she is the creator of the American Conferences on Angels. She has made numerous media appearances on television, radio and in print, but is perhaps best known for her remarkable paintings of angels and images of heaven. Her work is non-sectarian, and her pictures offer healing to people of all religious backgrounds. She lives in Virginia, where she trains people in the intuitive process and works as a consultant to provide spiritual diagnostic support for holistic physicians. She travels as a speaker when not working on commissioned paintings

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