After the Clockwork Universe

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After the Clockwork Universe: The Emerging Science and Culture of Integral Society

We are in the midst of the most dramatic cultural shift in three hundred years. This book explains why a great change is simmering in all facets of our civilization, from economics and politics to science and spirituality. Our inherited concept of a machine world – the clockwork universe – is giving way and the vision of a web world is rising to take its place.

The author weaves current realities and new scientific insights into a fascinating vision of history and science progressing through upheavals and rebirths up to the present day. Humankind, too, is bound into the patterns and processes of this web world, and Goerner describes the already visible signs of an emerging Integral Society in which head, heart and soul need no longer to be at odds.

About the Author

Dr Sally Goerner is based in Research Triangle, North Carolina. She has advanced degrees in computer science, psychology and nonlinear dynamics, and now lectures, writes and provides consultancy advice to international organisations.

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