Community Care and Inclusion

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Community Care and Inclusion for People with an Intellectual Disability

Community care is a concept which has shaped government policy, provision and practice for people with an intellectual disability for four decades.

The essays in this varied collection are multi-disciplinary, to bring the widest perspective to this controversial and elusive yet highly influential concept. They examine the barriers that people with an intellectual disability face, including access to housing, work, healthcare and online resources. They assess the practice of community care, and argue for far-reaching changes to care philosophy and the quality of services. They offer insightful comparative studies from around the world, including from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China and Bhutan.

Contributors include Robin Dunbar, Robert Cummins, Susan Balandin, Dan McKanan, Bryan Dague, Michael Kendrick, Simon Jarrett, Tho Na Vinh, Birgit Mirfin-Veitch and many more.

C O N T E N T S:

Chapter Summaries
Introduction by Robin Jackson

The History of Intellectual Disability:
Inclination or Exclusion?
Simon Jerrett

At Society’s Pleasure:
The Rise and Fall of Services to People with an Intellectual Disability
Robert Cummins

Realities of Social Life and their Implication for Social Inclusion
Robin Dunbar

Making a Space for the Lost Stories of Inclusion
Paul Milner & Brigit Mirfin-Veitch

Affordances and Challenges of Virtual Communities
for People with an Intellectual Disability
Judith Molka-Danielsen & Susan Balandin

Social Exclusion of People with an Intellectual Disability:
A Psychotherapist’s Perspective
Alan Corbett

Community Health Care for People with an Intellectual Disability:
A Pharmacist’s Perspective
Bernadette Flood

Citizenship and Community:
The Challenge of Camphill
Dan McKanan

The Widening Impact of an Intentional Supportive Community
Diedra Heitzman

Re-thinking Work in Relation to Community Inclusion
Maria Lyons

Employment Services for People with an Intellectual Disability:
Building Connections in Vermont
Bryan Dague

Community Living, Inclusion and Disability in China
Chris Walter

Gross National Happiness as an Alternative Development Paradigm
and Its Relevance for Community Wellbeing
Ha Vinh Tho

Longing for Virtuous Community
Michael Kendrick

About the Author

Robin Jackson is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire. He recently guest edited the International Journal of Developmental Disabilities on ‘Community inclusion and intellectual disability: meanings, means and myth’ (2015) and is the author Who Cares? The impact of ideology, regulation and marketisation on the quality of life of people with an intellectual disability (Sheffield: The Centre for Welfare Reform, 2015).

Maria Lyons is a founder of the Camphill Research Network and the author of Re-thinking community care: the Camphill village model.

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