Day of the Wounded Eagle

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Day of the Wounded Eagle focuses on the story of a relationship between 50-year old Mila and poet Gabriel, 28; it illustrates their struggles with life and each other. In the book, young Gabriel lusts after his poetry teacher one season in Greece. He tries to compromise his own emotional feelings – somewhat in an Oedipal way – as he understudies the art of creative writing from the "Grand Dame” Mila. As action rises in the story, we watch both characters mature. Author Aldan skillfully blends rich images both in poetry and prose. Figurative language dots the illustrated novel. A scene of the children torturing a wounded eagle later resurfaces when Mila gives Gabriel a poem by poet Steffen to translate. "It was a poem which told of being wounded. Every wound has a meaning," Steffen penned, "through which exists the possibility of resurrection." The Daisy Aldan book, the second novel in a trilogy about Mila and Gabriel, looks at philosophy and spiritual aspects of life. It will appeal to academic and literary audiences. One glaring flaw: editing and publisher oversights such as extra spaces between words; duplicate words; and a few awkward sentence structures. — From Independent Publisher

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Nancy LeMay


October 1990




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