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“Through taking hold of all that lives in us, we participate consciously in the transformation of our particular personal self—which is often closed to higher insights—toward a greater possibility of experiencing a living, dynamic spiritual life that awakens our being and serves the progression of the world in which we live” (Lisa Romero).

At the foundation of Western esoteric studies is an understanding of the evolution of consciousness. Anthroposophically based esoteric training focuses on strengthening the human soul. Ancient and modern practices are reenlivened to meet humanity’s evolving needs and to fulfill our present task of cultivating freedom and love to its highest degree.

Individual efforts toward developing the higher self is essential for genuine progress on the inner work path. The clear insights and exercises outlined in this book reveal the meaning and necessity of this essential effort in the present age of the consciousness soul, contributing to simultaneously enlivening both our inner and outer work. The path of developing the self and our work in the world are not separated but united through our practices and their results.



1. Body, Mind, and Spirit
2. The Soul and the Growth of the Body
3. The “I” and the Development of the Soul
4. The Initiation of the “I” and the Spiritual World

About the Author

Lisa Romero is a practicing homeopath and adult educator who has applied Anthroposophy to her practice since 1990 and delivered education enriched with Anthroposophy since 1998. Since 2006, the primary focus of her work has been teaching inner development and anthroposophic meditation.

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