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Gifts of the Honeybees: Their Connection to Cosmos, Earth, and Humankind

“When studying honeybees, one will find that they are creatures whose secrets are not easily elicited. A bee colony is an extremely complex entity. It consists of many thousands of individuals who have the ability to respond wisely to a wide variety of circumstances. To this day, it is not clear how they achieve this. In fact, one could say that a bee colony is imbued with an incomprehensible wisdom that encompasses each individual bee and ensures that the colony remains viable despite ever-changing living conditions.” — Karsten Massei

With Gifts of the Honeybees, Karsten Massei presents the fruits of years of careful intuitive research into the spiritual and elemental reality of honeybees. Karsten’s sharing of his ongoing dialogue with the inner being of the bees gifts us with surprising insights, giving us the opportunity to look at the world of bees, and ourselves, with different eyes.

There has been a great deal of research and speculation about the reasons why bees are dying. The causes are varied, but there is no doubt that all causes ultimately lead back to human activity. Technical and economic development that began in the nineteenth century has increasingly led to dealing with the beings of nature disrespectfully and in a way that is destructive to life on earth.

The spiritual beings that are connected with the life of bees, and whose messages are shared in this book, unequivocally voice that the plight of bees is actually the plight of human beings. They ask us to finally “wake up” to the spiritual reality of our world and the already evident consequences if we do not.

Gifts of the Honeybees is a translation from German of Die Gaben die Bienen (Futurum Verlag, 2014). Cover art by Karsten Massei: Honeybees as Messengers of the Spiritual World.

C O N T E N T S:

Preface by Alex Tuchman

I. Spirits of the Animals

II. My Path to Honeybees

III. Elemental Beings of the Hive

The Bienerich
Guardian of the Apiary
Guardian and Bienerich
Guardian and Beekeeper

IV. The Honeybee Queen

Marriage Flight
Winter Path
Sun Being
Relationship to the Colony
Relationship to the Human Soul

V. The Worker Bee

Being of a Worker Bee
Flight of a Worker Bee
Visiting Flowers
Soul Being of an Individual Bee
Relationship to the Human Soul
Effects on Human Sleep
Plight of Bees

VI. The Drone

Being of the Drones
Drone Congregation Areas
Importance to the Colony

VII. Threefold Bee Colony

VIII. The Being of the Great Bee

The Great Bee and the Earth
Substances of Honeybees

IX. The Hive

Archetype of the Beehive
Birth of a Colony: The Swarm
Swarm Cluster
Moving In
Twelve Aspects of a Bee Colony
Essence of Honey
Bee Venom
Spiritual Earth

X. Transformative Work of Bees

Transformation of the Earth
Human Sleep
Realm of the Dead
Animals of the Threshold
The Varroa Mite

XI. Human-Bee and Bee-Human

Soul of a Beehive
Winter Cluster and the Human Soul
The Honeybee Path of the Soul
Gifts of the Honeybees
Words of the Fairies
Worker Bees’ Spiritual Gifts to the Beekeeper
Beekeepers and Their Colonies
An Image of the Future Soul

XII. Honeybee Verses

XIII. Messages from Honeybees

About the Illustrations

About the Author

Karsten Massei was born in 1963 in Berlin. He started out by studying political science and then decided to train in Switzerland as a curative, or therapeutic, educator and is now a class teacher in a curative day school. He also gives courses and seminars on the practice of suprasensory perception and leads tours focusing on the experience and care of the many kinds of landscapes and life spaces of the Earth. In addition, Karsten Massei is active with biography and life counseling and supports therapists with suggestions to improve their work. He currently lives in Zürich.

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Ines Kinchen


Alex Tuchman


Franziska van der Geest, Karsten Massei




November 2022






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