Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci: The Last Supper

Many great works of art have been created that we call “Christian,” but none has received as much acclaim as Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Art lovers venerate it for its composition and noble aesthetics, whereas, for Christians, it epitomizes the intimacy between Christ and his disciples. In recent years—following the publication of bestselling fictional narratives and dubious historical studies—The Last Supper has also become the focus of intrigue, controversy, speculation, and sensation.

Recent restoration of the painting has exposed remnants of the original work and removed falsifications created by over-painting. Thus, for the first time since its creation more than five hundred years ago, we can contemplate Da Vinci’s masterpiece in its more or less original form.

This lavishly illustrated, full-color book reproduces many details of the restored work, and the author turns our attention to newly revealed aspects of The Last Supper that lead to fresh interpretations.

The philosopher Rudolf Steiner called The Last Supper the world’s most important work of art, adding that it revealed “the meaning of Earth existence.” Michael Ladwein sheds light on many aspects of the spiritual facts that can be uncovered in this immortal painting—one that has lost nothing of its urgency in our modern world.

C O N T E N T S:

The Creation, Loss, and Recovery of The Last Supper
History of the Motifs in The Last Supper and Their Development in Leonardo’s Work
The Group of Individuals and their Gestures
Real and Imaginary Space
The Significance of Various Elements in the Composition of the Painting
Earthly Community and Archetypal Cosmic Image


About the Author

Michael Ladwein is an art historian and expert on religions who now conducts art study tours. He is also an author and translator. His published works include Chartres, Ein Führer durch die Kathedrale (“Chartres, A guided tour of the cathedral”) and Raphaels Sixtinische Madonna (“Raphael’s Sistine Madonna”).

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