Living in Godless Times

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Living in Godless Times: Tales of Spiritual Travellers

Open a newspaper at random and you will read news of God’s funeral.

With this opening statement, Alison Leonard launches her absorbing collection of interviews, exploring paths to a more spiritual life as practiced by a group of modern, independently-minded people. Drawn from a variety of spiritual and religious backgrounds, each provides a personal insight into their search for deeper meaning through personal experience, whilst facing the challenge of a seemingly Godless modern culture.

About the Author

Alison Leonard is a writer and frequent radio broadcaster on issues of spirituality. Her previously published work includes Telling our Stories, plays for BBC Radio and the stage, as well as books for children.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell is an astro-physicist who worked with the team that later won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1974.

Adam Curle is an international mediator and a former professor of Peace Studies.

Dayachitta is a Buddhist teacher, retreat leader, and acupuncturist.

Mehr Fardooni runs an organic market garden.

Anne Gray, an anthroposophist, is a graduate of the London School of Economics, taught disabled children. –

Naomi Gryn is an unorthodox Jewish writer and film-maker.

Rose Hacker, radical socialist, marriage counselor, magazine correspondent, is president of the Progressive League.

Kathy Jones is co-founder of the UK Goddess Conference.

Gordon MacLellan is a freelance environmental educator.

Eric Maddern is a storyteller.

Marian Partington is a practicing homeopath whose sister was murdered by Britain’s worst serial killers.

June Raymond, a Catholic nun, practices a ministry of healing through the Bach flower remedies.

Brian Thorne an Anglican, is a director at the Centre for Counselling and cofounder of the Norwich Centre.

Benjamin Zephaniah, a successful novelist, playwright, and poet.

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Alison Leonard




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