Mind Probe-Hypnosis

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Mind Probe-Hypnosis

Hypnosis, though long ignored, is now coming of age and is being used more and more by the helping professionals. Hypnosis is probably the finest tool available for the probing of the human mind. Its increased use non-directively will undoubtedly brings us ever closer to the answers to questions as to who, what, and why we are and to how our minds really function. This book illustrates the kinds of adventures that are possible while exploring the human mind, and further illustrates how ghosts from the past may be discovered and laid to rest giving great benefit physically, mentally and emotionally. It further challenges others to repeat the same kind of probing to substantiate or refute the claims made here.

About the Author

Irene Hickman, D.O. began her professional career as a physician but her disillusionment with the limitations of physical medicine led her to try out hypnotherapy as an adjunctive technique. Striking successes with this method led her to specialization in this approach and eventually into regression therapy. Her book Mind Probe Hypnosis, now in its second printing, is a clear documentation of her constructs and techniques. She designed The Journal of Regression Therapy and edited its first issue for APRT. She was the author of “Mind Probe – Hypnosis“, 1983 (7th printing in 1995); and “Remote Depossession“, 1994.

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