The Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy

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The Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy

Eurythmy is a modern art of movement, and eurythmists work in the areas of art, healing, and education. The benefits as a healing social art are well known for both children and adults.

Rudolf Steiner gave a course on eurythmy therapy in which he described the process of “re-enlivening the whole physiology.” The authors of this book have researched eurythmy therapy for many years and The Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy provides a comprehensive overview of their work.

This book is a translation from German of Zur Physiologie der Heileurythmie: Lautgesetze und Therapieordnungen (Verlag am Goetheanum, 2016).

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The Processes of the Etheric Body Between the Upper and Lower Human Being
3. The Polar Effects of Consonants and Vowels 25
4. The Three Elements of Eurythmy
5. Eurythmy Therapy and Other Movement Therapies
6. The Consonants
7. The Vowels
8. Vowels and the Upper Human Being; Consonants and the Lower Human Being
9. The Soul Exercises
10. Transforming Eurythmy into Eurythmy Therapy
11. Harmonizing Speaking and Moving
12. The of Spatial Relationships
13. Embryological Formative Gestures and their Reflection in Eurythmy Therapy
14. Examples of Therapeutic Words
15. Future Tasks of Physicians and Eurythmy Therapists
16. Outline of a Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy
17. Epilogue

About the Author

Hans-Broder von Laue was born in North Germany in 1937. He is a doctor specializing in anthroposophic medicine. He lectures on cancer treatment and teaches therapeutic eurythmy and has been widely published.

Elke von Laue was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1938. She trained as a nurse and has worked as an anthroposophical therapist for many years. She teaches eurythmy therapy and has published several papers on the subject.

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