Planet-Movement-Pictures (Vol.1)

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Planet-Movement-Pictures (Vol.1)

Since time immemorial, there has been a close link between mathematics and astronomy. Mathematics offers us the possibility to change our perspective and transform our mental concepts into images. We can now face this projection as observers. This is the path we will follow through the pages of Planet-Movement-Pictures.

The mathematical-astronomical basis of Planet-Movement-Pictures are the formulas proposed in the 1990s by French scientist Pierre Bretagnon for calculating the positions of the planets for any given period. Since that time, these formulas have been applied in the aeronautics sector, for example in satellite control systems.

In this book, Atmani shows how it is possible to fuse that which is visible in the objective world with what is recognizable within to form an evidential experience. Thus, it becomes possible for the unprejudiced reader to experience the intimate relationship between Earth and its surrounding planets as well as to experience the correlation to the central event in humanity as it pervades to the material aspect of world contexts. – From the Preface

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