The Plant (Vol. 1)

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The Plant – Volume 1: A Guide to Understanding Its Nature

This classic lovingly studies the plant world. It is the fruit of a lifetime of patient and detailed observation of nature. Volume One begins with the flowering plant, and then turns to the living face of Earth.

Grohmann then goes on to consider the threefold nature of the plant and the nature of the human being. Finally, there is a description of the “ladder of the plant kingdom.” Volume Two adds further plant descriptions and extends the cosmological viewpoint begun in the first volume.

C O N T E N T S:


Section I: Looking at the Flowering Plant
1. Leaf, Root, and Flower
2. Germination and Propagation
3. Leafe Metamorphosis
4. The Prototype of the Flower
5. Flowers and Insects
6. Leaf and Stem Tendencies as Seen in the Flower
7. Fruits
8. Trees
9. Goethe’s Archetypal Plant

Section II: The Living Face of the Earth
10. From Pole to Equator
11. From the Lowlands to the Eternal Snows
12. Deserts and Steppes
13. The Maquis Landscape

Section III: Threefoldness of the Plant and the Image of Man
14. The Threefoldness of the Plant and the Image of Man

Section IV: The Ladder of the Plant Kingdom
15. The Ladder of the Plant Kingdom
16. Conifers
17. Ferns, Equisetaceae, and Clubmosses (Pteridophytes)
18. Ferns
19. Horstails (Equisetaceae)
20. Algae
21. Fungi
22. Parasitic Fungi
23. Bacteria
24. Mosses and Liverworts
25. Lichens

Section V: Evolutionary Considerations
26. Evolutionary Considerations

About the Author

Dr Gerbert Grohmann (1897–1957) was an anthroposophically trained botanist. He is the author of The Plant, volumes 1 and 2 (Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association). He was a Waldorf teacher as well as a scientist and devoted his life to understanding nature through the philosophical insights of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. He wrote The Living World of Plants: A Book for Children and Students of Nature to make his scientific knowledge transparent to Waldorf students.

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