Sex in the Light of Reincarnation and Freedom
Sex in the Light of Reincarnation and Freedom

Sex in the Light of Reincarnation and Freedom

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Sex in the Light of Reincarnation and Freedom

“In the course of many years of trying to put the epoch-making contribution of Rudolf Steiner’s on the ideas of Reincarnation and Freedom before many and varied audiences, I have been frequently asked, ‘What did Rudolf Steiner have to say about sex? I have always been somewhat at a loss to answer that question. Not only did Steiner say little or nothing about it, especially in that direct, uninhibited form in which people expect to hear about it today, but in the writings and lectures of those like myself accustomed to elaborating his ideas publicly, very little if anything is said either.

Yet we are living at a time when the publicity given to the most intimate matters of sexual conduct, and the exploitation of it for purposes of titillation and profit on the widest scale, demand that something should be said. It might otherwise appear, and to many it already does, as if the teaching of Rudolf Steiner either has nothing of any significance to say on the matter or that those engaged in propagating his teaching are unwilling to say it. But if, as Steiner teaches, man is a spiritual being who can only achieve spiritual autonomy by repeated lives on earth, it is obvious that as he can only come to earth as a result of all that is implicit in that little word ‘sex,’ then sex must be the central fact on which the whole spiritual evolution of man turns.

For this reason, then, I have tried in what follows to elaborate certain views which I have arrived at in trying to answer the question referred to above. They are, however, my own views; mine in the light of what thinking, knowledge and experience I am capable of at the time of writing. They are, therefore, by no means authoritative, nor, even for me, final. Above all, they are not ‘anthroposophical.’ That is to say, I know of no definitive statement on sex in Steiner’s work to substantiate them directly, nor would I imply that there is. I have simply taken his conception of Reincarnation and Freedom , insofar as I understand it, and tried to look at this matter of sex in the light of it.” -Alan Howard

About the Author

Alan Howard was a teacher in public and Waldorf schools in England for about 35 years and editor of Child and Man, a magazine for Waldorf education in Great Britain. He emigrated to Canada to help found the first Waldorf school in Toronto. After retiring from teaching, he relocated to Vancouver and wrote for anthroposophical journals and lectured for the Anthroposophical Society throughout North America.

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