The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner's Lecture Series
The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Series
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The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Series

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The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Series

In 1908, Rudolf Steiner gave a series of lectures about the Book of Revelation. He showed that the messages to the seven churches and the unsealing of the seven seals should be understood as references to initiation. In this light, the great images of the Apocalypse take on new meaning.

As well as being a Waldorf class teacher, Charles Kovacs was much in demand as an experienced and insightful lecturer for adults. In this book, he helps us make sense of the apocalyptic imagery, including the four beasts, the four riders, the woman clothed with the sun, and the New Jerusalem.

The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Series is illustrated with Kovacs’ own color paintings–16 color & 16 black and white.

C O N T E N T S:


1. The Lord of Time
2. The Four Beasts of the Apocalypse
3. The First Four Messages to the Churches
4. The Last Three Messages to the Churches
5. The Unicorn and the Lion
6. The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
7. The “Christened” Intelligence
8. Evolution and Involution
9. Jachim and Boaz
10. The Lamb
11. The Beast
12. The Woman Who Stands on the Moon
13. The Archangel Michael
14. The New Jerusalem


About the Author

Charles Kovacs (1907–2001) was born in Vienna, Austria. He left in 1938 and joined the British Army in East Africa. After the War he settled in Britain, and in 1956 he took over a class at the Rudolf Steiner School in Edinburgh, where he remained a class teacher until his retirement in 1976. He died in 2001. His extensive lesson notes have been a useful and inspiring resource material for many teachers; he also gave over 300 lectures to adults and was in demand as a speaker. He is the author of Parsifal and the Search for the Grail, The Age of Revolution, Ancient Greece, The Age of Discovery, Ancient Rome, Botany, Muscles and Bones, The Human Being and the Animal World, The Spiritual Background to Christian Festivals and The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Series.

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